Seasonal Scallywags launched by Just Desserts

Yorkshire bakers and pâtissiers, Just Desserts has launched a seasonal version of its popular posh scone, Yorkshire Scallywags and a new Chocolate Brownie has also been added as part of its handmade festive range.

ScallywagproductAimed at the café sector and also to tap into the growing farm shop market, the product should appeal to customers looking for a seasonal scone with their coffee or a take away festive treat.  The Christmas Scallywags have been given a festive makeover with chopped cranberries and mixed spice and are available packed in 1 x 12 portions.

The Chocolate Brownie, which has already been named as a finalist in the Deliciouslyorkshire Taste Awards this year, is made with top quality chocolate and baked in 16cm x 20cm trays and is available packed in 2 x 6 portions. Ideal served warm with vanilla ice cream, fresh raspberries or with a Tia Maria chocolate ganache.

The company is also offering a new Ferrero Rocher Gateau with layers of sponge, cream, Nutella chocolate and finished with the famous chocolates on top. A boozy alternative is the new White Chocolate and Tia Maria Profiteroles (1×13 portions) and a Tia Maria Chocolate Ganache (1litre).

Also back this year is the Ginger Beer Cheesecake a combination of cheesecake and crushed stem ginger made with premium Fever Tree Ginger Beer, award-winning ginger ale, brewed with natural gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast.

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